What Is Clickfunnels ?

The purpose of this ” What Is Clickfunnels ” review is to go through what exactly is clickfunnels and why you need it.

What is clickfunnels

Clickfunnels was started back in 2014 by Russell Brunson and Todd Dickinson.

Designed to be the answer to many peoples problems of being able to put together effective sales funnels to promote their products and services online.

Could this be the only Clickfunnels review you will ever need ?

They quickly realised that the internet was changing and to get anybody interested the software it had to be attractive. So they introduced a 14 day free trial to clickfunnels 

This was a master stroke. But more about that later.

Lets get started with ‘ what is clickfunnels ‘.

Clickfunnels is a software based website creator. But it’s also so much more.

My friend Spencer Mecham ( also the no1 clickfunnels affiliate ) did this great video to show what is clickfunnels – so click below to watch it now.

Now any business wants to be able to control the flow of their visitors through their website. This is where Clickfunnels is at it’s most powerful.

What you want to be able to do is to control the flow by giving any visitor a limited option of what to do on any given page.

You want them to opt in ? Then on your page they only have two choices. They opt in or leave.

You want them to buy ? Then on your page they only have similar options, make a purchase or leave.

Sounds simple enough right ?

The nice thing about the Clickfunnels software is that it makes it easy to build these ‘ sales funnels ‘ by using a wide selection of templates, pre-made funnels and also a drag and drop editor.

Not Sure what To Start With Clickfunnels ?

The best way to start, would be to take your entire business back to the drawing board and figure out the best way forward.

To do this I’d recommend reading the DotComSecrets Book.

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Or Simple watch this video !

Would Clickfunnels Work For My Business ?

This is my favourite question.

Clickfunnels can work for any business and let me explain why.

Just imagine for a second. You get your perfect customer walk into your business and is then led by the hand by your top salesperson to the most profitable product or service you have and they buy it.

This is exactly what Clickfunnels can do for you buy having an effective and highly profitable sales funnel.