The One Funnel Away Challenge

A couple of years ago Russell Brunson and the team at clickfunnels brought out a brand new product called the one funnel away challenge. It was a way to get an idea into a business within 30 days.

The idea was sound as to do this people would need to use clickfunnels as their sales funnel builder.

I’ve included a video here showing the behind the scenes access to my own personal teachings of the one funnel away challenge.

Clickfunnels One Funnel Away Challenge – OFA Secrets 5 . These are my “secret” video notes of the OFA challenge – Get all my extra notes and bonuses here : #Onefunnelawaychallenge #onefunnelaway #OFA However, you won’t be allowed into the group until you have purchased the Official One Funnel Away Program From Clickfunnels. Which you can do here :

OFA day 5 Content ! phrase to think about .. I got …. even if ….. after …. without ….. fill in those blanks !

This is what you audience to say after they have been through your funnel !

We care about how something makes us feel, how it makes us look, how its impacted on our lives !

So, our focus with our content is to help take people from their pain, to where they no longer feel the pain, then ultimately to where they have the success ( the result we promised ) .

Each part of our content should document the steps along each part of that journey for our customers.

The content should be played out as steps for them, celebrating along the way , with YOU being the guide !

But also as their voice.

So if we can start off with small steps then it won’t seem like such a big goal for people to go through.

Because the bigger the goal, often those people who are still in the ‘pain’ mindset it will just keep them feeling bad about themselves as they won’t feel it’s possible for them to achieve.

Our content are our ‘hooks’ in the water which help fill our funnels. Remember we are there to help them feel better about themselves. To look good, feel good and have a good life !

The goal with the content is that we want them to engage – see our stuff talk about self identity – have them talk about their fav topics listen more than you talk 🙂 land – like comment etc have connect to a story that you have, after you’ve heard about THEM ! own – this is to take an action, maybe get on our email list etc ALL without going right in the for sale !!! here are the steps 1.

Make your map get them self identify …. I am….. ( what do they call themselves ) Then come up with the stories that you went through. See what makes your audience look good. Ask them to talk about what they like. Things that they love doing. Problems/solutions – talk about the problems they have and that you have the solution.

Hate 2. Craft your posts photos, videos, conversation starters. for each type there are still lots of different types. photos – square, 3D , a pana 360, tall for story, screenshots Take one of the types of photo then pick 1 of the 5 touch points from above and create a post about it ! videos – gif , 15 sec reel style, 30-90 seconds , playlist, fb live conversations starter – questions , advice question, roll call, link, status update , blog post / value post We should have 5 different types of touch points / types of engagement So by using the 5 different types of post we can then rotate through the photo/video/conversation starter and being to post 1 or 2 posts a day. So day one, photo , then video day two, conversation starter then photo day three , video then conversation starter and so on.

But the key is consistency . Facebook will reward us when we begin to get engagement. Which will allow us to grow the page and our reach without having to spend a penny on ads !

Video will get people to stop the scroll ! So it gets attention.

A photo will get people to ‘like’ it ! Conversation starters – will get you the most reward. When you ask your audience for advice that may well get more engagement so people will see your next posts 🙂 But we need to keep rotating through the post types and through the content map. They don’t have to be perfect but you can do them in ten minutes or less !!!