Affiliate Secrets 2.0 – Spencer Mecham

Affiliate Secrets 2.0 Course Review How Spencer Mecham Made Over $1 million in Clickfunnels Commissions

The Affiliate Secrets 2.0 course is one of the most comprehensive affiliate marketing course I’ve ever had the pleasure of going through.

This was Spencer’s first month as a Clickfunnels Affiliate

Affiliate Secrets 2.0 by Spencer Mecham

Affiliate Secrets 2.0

So what makes this Affiliate Secrets 2.0 course so good ?

I’d have to say the content !

Spencer is a pretty good teacher too. Even though he recently smashed through the $1,000,000 of affiliate commissions with clickfunnels, he’s still a very natural and approachable guy.

It’s almost like sometimes he can’t actually believe it himself.  But I still feel that behind the persona he is a very intelligent and diligent  worker.

Nobody makes a million by accident right ???

Affiliate Secrets 2.0 Course Content

Let’s get into the meat of it all shall we ?

In Module 1 – you are going to get introduced with how to set up a winning game plan.

Module 2 – Finding Hot buyers. This is where your going to learn where the people that are most likely to buy what you have on offer hang out.

Module 3 – Traffic ! Or if your new to all this we call traffic people that visit your website. Hence the name website traffic. Now your going to learn the best strategies to get the right people to see your offers.

Module 4 – Make more, Spend Less. This is how to craft an offer so irresistible that people will be begging for your affiliate links to sign up

Module 5 – Templates ! We all like short cuts and templates are the quickest way to get success. download them, change around a few things and your good to go.

Module 6 – Products ! We ALL know that Spencer’s favourite affiliate product is Clickfunnels, but what else can you sell to your now loyal audiences ?

Module 7 – Long term business. How to automate almost everything. This goes from email marketing to website conversions and traffic.

Module 8 – Creating a team – I learnt about this long ago. It’s a method of building a team of people that allow you to take a step back. Have the business run by itself if you fancy a few weeks in the sun !

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affiliate secrets 2.0 course by spencer mecham

Interview With Spencer Mechambuy affiliate secrets 2.0 by spencer mecham

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Affiliate Secrets 3.0 Now Available

Quick update for you.

Now you can get a free upgrade to affiliates secrets 3.0 if you purchase the 2.0 version.

Plus you will get a discounted price if you act fast.

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