Promote Clickfunnels With Solo Ads

Promote clickfunnels with solo ads ! Might sound like a pretty good short cut to making affiliate sales for Clickfunnels. But the truth is that you can’t just send out emails and expect sales.

Each person who you send an email to has to be warmed up to the idea first.

The best way to do this would be to demonstrate a way that clickfunnels can solve a problem for them.

What are solo ads ?

This is where you get to ‘rent’ somebody else’s email list. Once you have come to an agreement for how it will work for them their list gets an email from you.

In most cases solo ads vendors will have tracking code within their emails for the link you wish to promote and charge you per click from the mass email to their list.

The cost here can vary, expect to say anything between 20c per click to over 90c a click. All depends on how ‘ good’ the list is. But in most cases they will allow you to have some kind of filtering their end. Maybe top tier countries only, mobile only or even desktop only.

Promote Clickfunnels With Solo Ads

Buying solo ads never guarantees sales, which is why it’s better to promote clickfunnels with solo ads through a tried and trusted provider.

On top of that, make sure you are then going to collect leads from interested people so you can also start building your own list.

Here is a quick fire set of rules to guide you.

  1. Track the link you use yourself
  2. Never trust a random provider
  3. Make sure you can access the stats
  4. Always insist on writing the email
  5. Use a lead magnet and build your own list

If possible build out a follow up email series yourself so that once people get on your list they can get to know, like and trust you before actually trying to sell them on any of the clickfunnels affiliate products.

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