One Funnel Away

This can be shortened to OFA , but mainly the One Funnel Away is known for the challenge that Clickfunnels’ own Russell Brunson put together to help people build a ready to go sales funnel in 30 days or less.

The really cool thing is that the ‘ one funnel away ‘ actually teaches you how to value stack and add traffic too.

Which is invaluable.

Recently I started to add my own secret recordings to my youtube channel, which you can see here…

Clickfunnels One Funnel Away Challenge – OFA Secrets 2 . These are my “secret” video notes of the OFA challenge – Get all my extra notes and bonuses here : #Onefunnelawaychallenge #onefunnelaway #OFA However, you won’t be allowed into the group until you have purchased the Official One Funnel Away Program From Clickfunnels. Which you can do here :