One Funnel Away Challenge

The one funnel away challenge was put together by Russell Brunson and the guys over at Clickfunnels.

What you need to know, first of all it’s going to walk you through how to set up a sales funnel over a 30 day training period.

I’ve personally been through the challenge twice. The last time making full notes inside of a private group.

For the first time ever I’ve made my one funnel away challenge notes available for everyone !

All you need to do is head over to my youtube channel and check out the play list – Clickfunnels One Funnel Away Challenge.

But here is the first video, along with my notes below.

Clickfunnels One Funnel Away Challenge – OFA Secrets 1 . These are my “secret” video notes of the OFA challenge – Get all my extra notes and bonuses here : #Onefunnelawaychallenge #onefunnelaway #OFA However, you won’t be allowed into the group until you have purchased the Official One Funnel Away Program From Clickfunnels. Which you can do here :