One Funnel Away Challenge Affiliate

Being a one funnel away challenge affiliate is pretty great as it means you are going to get 100% commissions on the entry price of $100.

In certain cases they also a 200% bonus ! However you need to be one of the clickfunnels super affiliates to get that.

So how can you become an affiliate and how can you sell the one funnel away challenge ?

The best way I’ve found is to actually go through the course itself.

Which you can do here :

Then use the actual program to build a funnel which you can then use as affiliate funnel to get those juicy commissions.

One thing I’ve seen time and time again is people posting results of their own sales ( the $100 commissions ) and then leveraging that to give free coaching on how they can do the same.

It might work for a while, but even as I write this I feel it’s been over done.

I can however give you access to my own one funnel away challenge review notes via my youtube series. Which you can find an example of below…

Now the best thing to do is to become a clickfunnels affiliate. In order for you to have full access to sell all the clickfunnels products as an affiliate you need to have made at least $1000 in commissions.

So in this case 10 x one funnel away sales !

Nice an easy right ?

Be sure to watch the video above, check out the play list too.