How can I use Quora to increase traffic in my blog in WordPress?

If you want to shortcut your success to increase traffic in my blog in wordpress doing this then here is some cool tricks you can use 🙂

Install ‘Keywords Everywhere’ this will enable you to see how many searches each month there are on google for each term.

Type this into the google search bar “ YOUR SEARCH TERM GOES HERE”

Now you can see how many searches there are each month tagged with if there are questions directly related within Quora’s site.

Using this, aim for search terms ( questions ) that have at least 100 searches a month, but LESS than 10 answers !!!

This point is very important simply because you want something that is actually getting searches but not too many answers that yours might get lost in the pile.

Take a look through the other answers, see which ones you think you can write a better option for.

Present it well by adding pictures or links to videos that could help.

If using videos, it’s a great idea to have them point to videos on your own youtube channel.

Or at the very least a link to a page on your website that you can embed the video, even if it’s not your video.

This should get you a high quality backlink from Quora, increase the viewing time on your site if they stay to watch the video.

Plus allow you to point directly to any affiliate or direct offers that you might be promoting on your website.

Check out this video as an example for how to get more traffic from Quora

Now, it’s super important to monetise !

So I recommend using Clickfunnels to help you collect leads and sales.

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