Global Profit System Review

Global Profit System Review – Global Profit System 2018 Bonuses

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Global Profit System Review – Global Profit System 2018 Bonuses

In this video I give you the insight into Global Profit System

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global profit system review

The main idea is to generate passive income using three different income streams via affiliate marketing.

The program that is focused on are Clickfunnels, GDI and Aweber.

Each of which have generous commmissions.

The Global Profit System combines all three.

With GDI you earn $1 per sign up per month. However you get a $100 bonus per 5 signups in any given week !

With Clickfunnels you are looking at a minimum of $60 per month in affiliate commissions per signup per month. ( this quickly adds up )

Aweber – you get a 30% commission so around $7 per account per month.

You can see how this income can become passive and also amount to a tidy online income.

So far the best way to promote the Global Profit System has been by using solo ads ( description below ) but you can also use free traffic methods and everything is explained within the free global profits system.

Solo ads – this is where you ask somebody who has already built a list to send out an email on your behalf.
When those people opt in they actually go onto your list too.

The average amount you can earn per email list subscriber is $1 per month. So you can see if you build a list of 500 people that amounts to $500 per month !

These figures can vary depending on the qualify of your list and the offers that you send to them.

If you want a proven source of traffic then visit for my own person solo ads guy !

I normally get at least 80% opt in rates and they are all proven buyers.

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