Funnel Graffiti Review

Welcome to my funnel graffiti review !

When this product was put together it was advertised directly to the existing Clickfunnels member base, some what with a firm tongue in cheek !

Mainly because all it was really was a bunch of stickers.

These days, if people want to plan out a sales funnel then they might use a white board or even software like funnelytics.

That being said, having a tool box of some cool stickers is what every ‘child’ in us really wants right ?

Add to that, funnel graffiti is a pretty small cost ( FREE + $5.95 shipping worldwide ) .

It’s a front end offer, so expect to see some upsells on the back end.

Ultimately Russell Brunson will use the perfect webinar script not just to sell funnel graffiti, but also his flagship software Clickfunnels .

If you want to grab yourself a copy ( plus some pretty neat stickers ), then just hit that link right below…

Funnel Graffiti