Dot Com Secrets Book Review

Here is my review of the DotComSecrets Book

It’s going to be easier by giving you my own experience with the dot com secrets book and how it started to change by business and also my life.

A couple of years ago my local business was failing. No matter what I tried we just didn’t to be able to make ends meet and the profits were down year after year. It might be easy to blame the economy, but the fact was we didn’t have a proven process for success or a clear path.

I had already been employed for 10 years by a national company and after leaving enjoyed several good years working for myself. But when things started to take a nose dive I was at a real loss on what to do.

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When you start your own business you have to learn everything and the way of the world was online marketing. So I set up a website, a Facebook page and even dabbled in a little paid traffic from google adwords. But then I started to see a few adverts on Facebook for other businesses and I figured that I should try to do what the so called ‘big boys’ were doing.

I searched around for a way to start getting leads and came across a landing page software called lead pages. It was pretty good and for a while it showed a decent return when using Facebook ads. But I knew we could be doing a lot better. It was then I must have noticed the first advert for clickfunnels. I did a bit of research around it and found the dotcomsecrets book. It was advertised as free plus a little shipping which I didn’t mind so I ordered it.

When I put my order in it showed me other things that I might be interested in that would help me with my own goals.

My journey into sales funnels had begun !

I bought the clickfunnels software, which turned out to be a vast improvement on lead pages and it also opened the doors to more opportunities than I could have ever of imagined.

A couple of weeks later my copy of the dot com secrets book arrived ! It was pretty exciting because by then I had immersed myself in Russell Brunson’s video’s online and couldn’t wait to get the book. As you can see by my own review video above I was pretty happy with the results.

Back in February 2016 I shared some of our results using Facebook ads and clickfunnels. We spent around $400 and got back close to $42,000 in extra sales for that month alone.

It was a turning point, what I learnt in the book changed my business, changed my life and continues to pay me back the few dollars I spent on shipping.

But the book goes into so many levels that it covers more than just a few helping tips for local businesses. I believe that any business can profit by having a copy of the dotcomsecrets book.

Hey, even Tony Robbins recommends it !

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