Clickfunnels Challenge

When people are searching for this term it’s most likely that they are searching for the clickfunnels one funnel away challenge.

So what is so special about the clickfunnels challenge ? Well, they are able to walk you through from having an idea to a fully operating business in 30 days or less.

The good news is that I put together a full playlist on youtube showing all of insider secrets along with daily notes.

You can see an example below along with the clickfunnels challenge notes below.

Clickfunnels One Funnel Away Challenge – OFA Secrets 16 . These are my “secret” video notes of the OFA challenge – Get all my extra notes and bonuses here :




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OFA Day 16
IN the 1st week ew spoke about your dream customer, the result we want them to get. Then create a framework to help them get to the result.
Thats the first step.
We did the same with the order bump !
The result has to be something tangible.
Like a video training, a check list, a physical product etc.
When we have the skill set we can do it over and over !
We exchange the framework for an email address ( lead funnel ) or we exchange the framework for money !
When you create the offer stack you are increasing the value of the offer.
As we build the funnel we are saying pretty much the same thing every time.
“what’s the result – how to make it tangible – show the offer – increase the value of the offer with a value stack “
It’s just the same skillset !
SO today we do the same for OTO no 2 !
This should now be the done for you program !
Doesn’t mean you actually have to do the thing for them, but you could do !
Maybe it’s done for them templates or 1-1 coaching etc.
For a physical product then it would be a much higher price tag product or special variant of the product.
Here is a great example of an offer stack for the OTO 2 done for them.

  • 1 hour zoom call
  • 1-1 . not 1 to many
  • I’ll take notes for them
  • I’ll send the recordings
  • Any assets they might need ( or something you used to charge for
  • Free 30min follow up call in 30 days.
    To deliver on this simply add a booking link inside your members area , this way you get to choose WHEN these calls take place, not just when ever haha
    Price wise go look and see what others in your niche might be charging – don’t be the lowest in the market EVER !!!!
    The sales script is very similar to the OTO 1 .
    SO make sure you revisit that to get the full game plan 🙂