Clickfunnels Affiliate Sub ID’s – How To Use Tracking Links

If you are a clickfunnels affiliate, then you need to use clickfunnels affiliate sub id’s. The main reason is to make sure you know where your leads and sales are coming from. In the video below I go over how to use clickfunnels affiliate sub id’s. Plus how to make the links more clickable and track those links !

How To Use Clickfunnels Affiliate Sub ID’s

Whatever you are promoting it’s especially important to know where your sales are coming from. This is where the clickfunnels affiliate sub id’s really shine.

They are easy to find too. Just login to clickfunnels – hit ‘affiliate’ on your profile link. This will open up your stats page, look down and use one of the blue buttons ‘get affiliate links’. This will open up the actual links page.

For this example we are going to look at the clickfunnels affiliate sub id’s for the ‘FREE 14 Day Trial’ So go ahead and click the blue button on the left.

This will bring up the following part of the page.

Now you can see the option to add two Affiliate Sub ID’s. So for example we might have a link on a youtube video. So in the first option box we type ‘Youtube’. Then in the second Sub ID we can pinpoint the video it relates to.

As shown below.

Clickfunnels affiliate training

Now we have the sub ID’s set up we can choose which landing page we want them to identify. It’s already pre-populated one so the custom link will now include everything we want.

Why And How To Use The Sub ID’s

Using the sub ID’s is one of the most important things to do when marketing any link. Because it helps you to know your numbers. So if you are spending money on ads then you can trace back how much you are making from those ads. Simply because you can track where the sales are coming.

It’s also useful to know if any links that you are putting out organically are making money !

What I like to do is to have a sub ID for every place I put the link. This might be here on this blog, or on my facebook posts, on my emails to my list and of course on any ads that I run.

So make sure that you create a new tracking link ( using the sub ID’s as shown above ) each and every time.

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