Clickfunnels 30 Day Challenge

This is one of the flagship products that Russell Brunson and the team have put together. The Clickfunnels 30 day Challenge is also part of the one funnel away program.

The idea is that you can take an idea and have it up and running as a full business in 30 days or less.

It might seem impossible, but I have actually done this myself !

To join the Clickfunnels 30 day challenge costs as little as $100. But it packs a punch as the content is much better value than other coaching programs I’ve seen priced at over $1000 !

Doing the clickfunnels 30 day challenge was one of the best business decisions I ever made online.

In fact I created a whole series on youtube giving my own personal video feedback along with intensive notes that you follow.

Here is one of the videos along with the notes below :

Clickfunnels One Funnel Away Challenge – OFA Secrets 10 . These are my “secret” video notes of the OFA challenge – Get all my extra notes and bonuses here :




However, you won’t be allowed into the group until you have purchased the Official One Funnel Away Program From Clickfunnels.

Which you can do here :

OFA Day 10
Today we talk about the order form bump !
Can be a great way to add ‘ free’ money.
Plus in a lot of cases can cover your ad costs 🙂
It’s important not to do OTO overkill !
Otherwise people will get annoyed and although you might make more money in the short term, these customers may not ever buy from you again !!!!
Try to limit yourself to 2 upsells.
You can think of order bumps as customer ‘ throw ins’ , almost like when you go to the store and there’s a bunch of stuff you can buy placed around the check out.
However , the most important thing is that your order bump has to make sense for what they are buying !
So, if I was doing a physical product then I could add in VIP shipping. Or even a complimentary product ( reasonable cost ) .
The more attractive and ‘no-brainer’ you can make it the better !
I’ve personally had a take rate on an order bump of 40% !!!!
That was on a $7 digital product, with the order bump priced at $37 !
You can see the product here :-
In fact, it’s actually quite funny, when I went to get that link I noticed I’d just had another sale for this which included the order bump !
SO an extra $51 in my pocket !!!
It was $51 because I actually increased my order bump price to $44 because the take rate was so high I knew that I could raise the price without taking a hit on the over all profit , even tho the conversion rate on the order bump might drop a little lol
The order bump should be positioned below where the customer puts in their details, but above the actual summit button.
One pager for today