Advanced Selling Strategies

Brian Tracy

The Advanced Selling Strategies book is one of my all time favourite books on selling.

Do you know something ? I love Brian Tracy . Not in a funny weird stalker way but in a 100% engaged in his content way.

Every time I read it I learn something new, or it reinforces something that I learnt before. The book itself is not just a sales manual but also a handy guide to help you get more sales on many levels.

What’s inside ?

Brian goes in great detail on how to break down the entire sales process, but also how to be more effective as a salesperson.

In the beginning of Advanced Sales Strategies he explains how he started out in sales and even though he sucked, he goes on to say how he overcome and eventually became one of the best salesman of all time.

What he explains actually makes a lot of sense and it’s something that I carry with me to this day. If you want to be successful in any part of your life ( in this example it’s in sales ) then go to the best person in that field and learn exactly how they do it.

Then just repeat their process until you get the same results !

Makes good sense right ?

So in business, if you find a competitor is more successful than you, try to find out why. see how they conduct their business and make your own systems the same until you catch up to them or pass them.

If you go back to the DotComSecrets Book review I did from Russell Brunson, he explains the exact same process that he has coined the phrase of ‘Funnel Hacking’.

Brian also goes into how to conduct yourself day to day, how to plan, how to overcome objections within your business, whether it be in sales or in life.

Time Management

One of my favourite teachings within the Advanced Sales Strategies Book, is that of time management and how to get things done.

Every night now I make a small list of what needs to get done the following day.

In one of his other books it take this to the next level in Eat That Frog .He explains how important it is to get tasks done that we are dreading done first !

Not to waver in any way shape or form until the ‘frog’ is well and truly eaton. Then move onto the next task that you were dreading second to the first etc.

It’s so easy to get things done we don’t mind doing. But it’s often those tasks we are not looking forward to that make the most difference in our lives.

Business or even personal !


I sincerely hope you like the Advantaged Selling Strategies Book as much as  I did.


Go get your copy of it now.

advanced selling strategies Brian Tracy