Blake Nubar Partner Program Review

When I first looked into the Blake Nubar Partner Program it was off the back of seeing him launch the base product to amazing effect.

In fact I interviewed Blake about the launch itself.

But what made it so special ?

Well I’d been used to optimizing my Facebook profile to direct visitors to an offer or my Facebook group for a while. But when Blake Nubar released the Social Media Lead Machine I knew he was onto something.

In fact, he asked just $1 to join, created a mini course of how to put it together plus donated every penny to charity.

It was a clever tactic as it created a list and a facebook group of buyers ! Even though it was relatively small ticket the value included made it an irresistible offer.

So now we saw it in action, we saw how effective it was.

But that ( as it turned out ) was just part of the plan !

We were then treated to the….

Blake Nubar Partner Program

Remembering back, Blake changed up his facebook profile to tease us of an upcoming launch.

He did allow us to register for the ‘announcement’ which would be held live inside his facebook group.

The day came around and it was actually quite late for me personally in the UK. But I knew I had to stay up.

Blake popped up and the party began !

Hundreds of people were live with him and it must have been such of a buzz for him and his team at the time.

He was giving us the chance to partner with Blake !

Use his proven facebook funnel, let him deliver on all the products.

Pretty much give us 95% of the whole thing as a done for you solution.

We just needed to bring the extra 5%.

Catch the FULL webinar – HERE

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