Blake Nubar Partner Program Evaluation

I talked to Blake about the launch itself.

When I initially checked out the Blake Nubar Partner Program it was off the back of seeing him introduce the base item to remarkable impact.

What made it so unique?

He asked simply $1 to sign up with, developed a tiny course of how to put it together plus contributed every cent to charity.

Now we saw it in action, we saw how efficient it was.

Well I ‘d been utilized to enhancing my Facebook profile to direct visitors to a deal or my Facebook group for a while. When Blake Nubar launched the Social Media Lead Machine I understood he was onto something.

It was a smart method as it produced a facebook and a list group of purchasers! Although it was fairly little ticket the worth consisted of made it an alluring deal.

That (as it turned out) was simply part of the strategy!

Keeping in mind back, Blake altered his facebook profile to tease us of an approaching launch.

We were then dealt with to the … Blake Nubar Partner Program

He did enable us to sign up for the ‘statement’ which would be held live inside his facebook group.

The day occurred and it was in fact rather late for me personally in the UK. I understood I had to remain up.

Blake turned up and the celebration started!

Numerous individuals were deal with him and it need to have been such of a buzz for him and his group at the time.

He was offering us the possibility to partner with Blake!

Practically offer us 95% of the entire thing as a provided for you option.

We simply required to bring the additional 5%.

Utilize his tested facebook funnel, let him provide on all the items.

Capture the FULL webinar – HERE