108 Proven Split Test Book Review

108 Proven Split Test Book.

Inside the 108 Proven Split Test Book you are going to be amazed just how little tweaks can make all the difference to your bottom line. If you haven’t read The DotcomSecrets Book yet. Then make sure you check the links on this website as it’s a must read.

What is split testing ?

A split test is when you pitch one thing against another. SO one example might be that we send an equal amount of website traffic to two pages. Each page having slight differences to it. We might have a green button on one page and a red button on the other.

Or we could be split testing the title of the webpage, maybe the call to action.

The main aim is to always find a winner then try to beat that time and time again. Because we want to forever increasing our conversion percentages on each page.

One example from the 108 split test book :

“Buy Now” VS “Free Trial” – one of them will give you a 158.6% increase – do you know which one?

108 Proven Split Test Winners Book

How to Buy 108 Split Test Book

Right now there’s no direct way of getting the 108 split test winners book, however you can still get it when you sign up for Funnel University .

108 Proven Split Test Winners Book

Funnel University is a monthly membership which goes hand in hand with the sales funnel software called Clickfunnels ( click here to get a free 14 day trial ) . Not only does it include a monthly book sent out directly by Russell Brunson himself ( he funnel hacks something new for us each month ). But also these get bonuses

  • Funnel U Handouts
  • The 3 Core Funnels Book
  • Funnel University Labs – software suite
  • Access to ALL back issues

There’s probably more beyond what I remember , but it’s better for you to find out yourself by getting the free trial of FunnelU.

108 split test winners book
108 Proven Split Test Winners Book
108 Proven Split Tests Book
108 Proven Split Tests Book

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